Chromatographic Retention Time Alignment and Warping for Differential Analysis of LC-MS Data


We have recently developed CRAWDAD1, a software suite for label-free quantitation of LC-MS datasets. High- or Low- resolution (i.e. hybrid FTMS, or ITMS instruments) LC-MS scans are aligned in the retention time dimensions using dynamic time warping to create signals that are aligned in register. This allows the use of statistical tests to discover regions of differential abundance, which can be annotated using MS/MS peptide identifications.


Documentation for running CRAWDAD is available here. Note that this is largely for internal use at the moment. Contact Greg Finney ( gfinney (at) ) for questions on using the software.

Note: We are just about to release a major upgrade to CRAWDAD. To download the new version please check back in the near future. This new version has many new features, contains a lot of bug fixes, and is much much easier to install.


Download Here

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