Bullseye is a software tool for assigning high resolution precursor m/z values to MS/MS data. Bullseye uses results from Hardklör to identify persistent peptide isotope distributions (PPID). MS/MS scans that occur within a specified time and m/z range have the average monoisotopic m/z from the PPID assigned as a precursor m/z.

Publication and Presentations

Hsieh EJ, Hoopmann MR, Maclean B, MacCoss MJ. "Comparison of Database Search Strategies for High Precursor Mass Accuracy MS/MS Data" Journal of Proteome Research. J. Proteome Res. 2010 Feb 5; 9(2):1138-43

Poster presentation from ASMS 2009

Copyright 2009. University of Washington. Edward J. Hsieh, Michael R. Hoopmann, Michael J. MacCoss.