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Assessing LC-MS Data Quality

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Download MScout

MScout is free for non-commercial use. Click here to download the Linux version (32 and 64-bit). You'll be asked to fill out a short form and agree to a license.

A Windows/Cygwin version is planned.


MScout is a command-line program. The general format for usage for the 64-bit version is

% mscout64 <options> <input MS1 file(s)>
For the 32-bit version, simply replace mscout64 with mscout32.

An example command is

% mscout64 -rti=0 -rtf=120 -time=0.2 -mz=0.5 -sn=3 -histograms=0 -siglist=1 ./ms1-files/052107-faims-yeast-03-CV-*.ms1

See Running MScout for more details.