Hardklör Results

Output from Hardklör is in tab-delimited ASCII text. The output has two line types: spectrum lines, designated with an "S", and peptide lines, designated with a "P". There is a spectrum line for every analyzed spectrum from the input file. The peptide lines under each spectrum line at the peptide (or protein, or molecule) ions identified from the isotope distributions found in that spectrum. For simplicity, column descriptions are presented below in the order that they appear.

Spectrum Line Information

Result Description
Scan Number The number of the mass spectrum in the data file.
Retention Time Time (in minutes) of the scan event.
File Name File name for the scan event.
Precursor Mass If analyzing tandem mass spectra, the mass of the precursor ion (if known).
Precursor Charge If analyzing tandem mass spectra, the charge of the precursor ion (if known).
Selected Precursor m/z If analyzing tandem mass spectra, the m/z of the precursor ion.

Peptide Line Information

Result Description
Monoisotopic Mass The zero charge, monoisotopic mass of the feature.
Charge The charge state of the feature.
Intensity The intensity value of the feature. The reported values are influenced by the parameters in the configuration file.
Base Isotope Peak The base isotope peak (tallest peak) of the feature's isotope distribution based on the theoretical model.
Analysis Window The m/z window that the feature was extracted from.
(Deprecated) Formerly an indicator of localized signal-to-noise threshold.
Modifications Modifications on the peptide, if searched for.
Correlation Score The dot-product score of this feature to the theoretical model.