Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Set up a data project folder

A. Create a folder or directory on your computer hard drive.


B. Copy or link your data to this directory.


C. Create a copy of the Hardklör configuration file in this directory.


Step 2: Edit your configuration file

A. Open Hardklor.conf in a text editor.

B. Set parameters as necessary. Parameters and descriptions can be found on the Parameters page.

C. At the bottom of the configuration, list one or more files to be analyzed, with corresponding output file names on the same line.

# Files to Analyze:
MyData-01.mzML MyData-01-output.txt
MyData-02.mzML MyData-02-output.txt
MyData-03.mzML MyData-03-output.txt

D. Save Hardklor.conf and exit the text editor.

Step 3: Run Hardklör

A. Open a command line prompt.

B. Navigate to your data project folder.

cd C:\Data\MyProject 

C. Execute the Hardklör application from its installation location, specifying the configuration file as the parameter.

C:\Hardklor\hardklor.exe Hardklor.conf 

D. Results are exported to the text file output named in your configuration file.