August 17, 2015

Aug 17 2015

Compiled versions of last friday's official release of 2.3.0 have been added to the website. The newest version is mostly minor bug fixes. The versioning system was upgraded to a three digit system to reflect future revisions that are less than minor. With this release, 64-bit versions of Hardklör are now available for Windows. Further improvements to the website are ongoing.

August 3, 2015

Aug 3 2015

After several years, the website has been rebooted. While the old site was collecting dust, Hardklör development continued quietly on Google Code. With the recent closing of that site, development was moved again, this time to GitHub. This repeated relocation of resources for Hardklör made obtaining the most recent release, source, or documentation difficult. Thus, the reboot is an effort to remedy the situation. For simplicity, we've maintained the original published URL, and this will remain the portal to obtaining all updates moving forward. Some pages of the new site are still in development, so please be patient. The next official release for Hardklör, including true 64-bit support in Windows, will be arriving soon.